I don't know if it has to do with the fact that there are a lot of boys in this house or it's just my people in general, but unless you put food out in the open for them to find, they won't eat it.  Many-a-baked good has met a moldy death because it was waiting in a Tupperware container on the counter.  And unless leftovers are in see-through containers on the front of the refrigerator shelf, they are liable to overstay their welcome.  It seems my family has an aversion to looking for anything that requires using their hands to find it.  If they can't see it in a cursory 10 second glance then it doesn't exist.  Even my delicious Christmas cookies almost ended up in the garbage because nobody was willing to lift the tinfoil off the tray and look to see what was inside. 

So to avert the waste of all my homemade goodies and the money it cost to make them,  I've adopted a simple plan. 

I went to the thrift store and found this great covered cake pedestal.  It stays on my kitchen counter in a prominent place and all my leftover scones or cookies or pumpkin bread or whatever ends up inside it.  It stops all the questions of, "Do we have any snacks?" and not a single goodie ends up in the garbage anymore.  Plus, since it's covered, nothing dries out.  This is a picture of some leftover Christmas scones that I had in a ziploc bag in the bread basket.  No one had touched them until I stuck them in my cake plate and then....they were gone in an hour. 

So if you find yourself throwing away un-eaten goodies, this just might help. 

01/01/2013 12:24pm

I am so glad you are back! I check your site a couple times a week and missed you and your posts! I hope you and your family have a blessed year, Happy New Year and welcome back!

01/02/2013 10:09am

Oh. . . you've met my husband. Me - It's in the fridge. Him - I didn't see it.


01/02/2013 12:23pm

GREAT idea,

I don't have that issue with my kiddos, BUT I certainly do with Mr.B. It doesn't matter what it is - food, tools, wallet - if he doesn't see it within that 10 sec. window, he'll swear on the Holy Bible it doesn't exist or isn't there.



love the new design and that is a awesome idea I need to do that!!! right now they are in clear plastic containers on our breakfast bar but this is much prettier :)

01/03/2013 2:35pm

This is sooooooooooooo true at my house and none of them can bend either I think it is a medical condition , can not use hands or bend!

01/05/2013 8:34am

I *love* this idea. And, I just happen to have my dual-use punch bowl/ cakestand combo still out on the buffet. Guess what's going on my kitchen island this afternoon? (Well, after I get all the King's Cake mess from this morning cleaned up, that is.)

So wonderful to have you back! You've been missed.

01/05/2013 2:24pm

This is sooo TRUE!! I currently have some nice candies we purchased strategically placed throughout our living area so they get eaten and not wasted

01/05/2013 6:45pm

Welcome back! We have missed you and your unique perspective. Finding this new post has made my day, and I look forward to (comfortable and appropriate amounts) more of your lovely voice.

01/08/2013 6:07am

I think it's a man thing. My kids aren't like this...they will sniff out a cookie or muffin if it's in the garage in the box of easter baskets.

My husband, on the other hand, thinks of a refrigerator and cupboards like a woman's purse - a labyrinth of mystery.

01/12/2013 7:01am

This is NOT the case at my house where the kids take it as a personal mission to seek out and destroy all things snackable. My need is to roatate hiding spots for anything I prepare ahead so that it will be available on the day it is needed.

02/03/2013 12:10pm

This is SUCH a great idea! I get so mad at myself when leftover baking gets dry and stale because no one knew it was there. I was so excited to come across one at Value Village this week but my excitement let to a total letdown when they had priced it at $24.95! For a second hand covered cake stand! Guess I will keep looking!

02/03/2013 12:19pm

I just went over to Amazon and can buy a brand new Anchor Hocking covered cake stand for $19.99! grrr!

10/15/2013 4:05am

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