Comfort food is my weakness...specifically carbs. Aside from chocolate all it takes is potatoes or pasta or bread to fill my cravings. I really love frozen hash brown casseroles and hash browns fried up all golden and crispy with my eggs. But have you seen the price of the packages of frozen hash browns? Seriously. There better be some kinda crazy cracker jack prize inside for me to pay that.

So when I came across two 15lb bags of free potatoes this week that only had 6 rotten ones in the whole bunch (and I'm kicking myself for not grabbing all 6 bags) the first thing I thought was "Homemade Frozen Hash browns!" So here is how it's done. First peel each potato, cut it in half and put it in a pot of cold water.  Boil for 10 minutes or until just tender. They will feel sticky on the outside but still give a bit of resistance to a fork being poked into them. This short cooking time will give them just enough heat to keep them from turning brown in the freezer.  Remove potatoes from pot of boiling water and place in a large bowl.  Cover with cold water to stop the cooking process.   Refrigerate overnight.

The next day drain your potatoes.  Either grate them or shred them in your food processor.   Then fill a freezer bag with your shredded potatoes. I store them in serving sizes so for the six of us that's a gallon bag. That's also a similar size to store bought hash browns so if you're using them in a casserole you'll have the right amount. Make sure to squeeze out any extra air.   Store them flat in your freezer so it takes up minimum space.  To cook them heat frying pan over medium-high heat. Add butter or margarine. Place shredded potatoes in pan. Cook until bottom is browned. Flip potatoes and cook until browned again. Season with salt and pepper. Or use in your favorite recipe. 


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01/12/2013 8:35am

Can't wait to try them!

01/13/2013 12:05pm

Do they end up freezing in a large solid clump, or do they freeze nicely? (I'm wondering if I should freeze them on a cookie sheet first then transfer to a freezer bag)

01/17/2013 4:59pm

This recipe was perfect. We did this on a just-about-to-go-bad bag of potatoes a few weeks ago, and pulled them out tonight. We only used half our gallon-sized bag, and, once thawed, we were able to break off the amount we needed. Then it was just a matter of cooking them up, which we did with butter and salt in a Dutch oven. Perfect, thank you!

02/07/2013 7:24am

First, do I HAVE to peel them? We love the skin and their are nutrients in there! Second, I second Stacey's question. Should they be frozen on a sheet pan in the freezer first? Otherwise, wouldn't they just become a giant clump of shredded potatoes? Thanks.

02/28/2013 9:35am

Does this work with red potatoes as well?

04/12/2013 1:48pm

You could probably also cube them - for those who prefer the cubed version of hashbrowns. I'd be prone to flash freeze them first, though, to keep them from freezing into a big clump.

And how/where in the world did you find FREE bags of potatoes??!!?? That's awesome!!


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